secret of the special:the coming generation

secret of the special:the coming generation

The book 1 is only secret of the specials which is about justin and elizabeth. This is the second book. Justin and elizabeth got married but only elizabeth could get out of the island living justin to fight the others in the prophecy. When their son justin jnr 3 was 2 years old,elizabeth left him in the hands of her human doctor mason who will ensure his safety till the time of the prophecy. Along the line lots of things will happen in both worlds before and after the prophecy


Paranormal fiction / Magic realism


lolaayo14 (Australia)

Chapter 1 "Mason please,i need you to care for him" "But elizabeth,where are you going to?" "I can't live without his father" "I Know difficult it is for you but....." "No,you don't" "Think about your son,he needs you" "Mason,take care of him,you will need help along the way,remember the safe word we use,that will be the safe word of the people I will send to help you but please if I can't make it before the prophecy starts,tell him to follow his heart and the girl who will lead side by side with him." "Elizabeth,where are you going to?" "The other world". Throughout the time I was talking to elizabeth,she was fading away. She is an elemental and a werewolf,but how did she find a way to the other world. I looked at the child in my arms. He looked so peaceful whereas he knows nothing about the pains and terror of this world. I hope I find the strength to bring him up according to elizabeth wishes.

Competition: June 2015 Pen Factor, Round 1



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