Our culture — keep writing!

The Pen Factor is keen to revert to the old days where submissions were returned with positive or constructive comments that acknowledged the work poured into writing.   
At The Pen Factor, we believe that every applicant deserves respect. Fiction born of a fertile imagination deserves an audience that understands the work it takes to create evocative writing. Mutual respect is key.   

We want to support your passion for the written word. Writing is a nourishing art, which is personal and cathartic. Writing is about creating and constructing, but more important, it's about injecting zeal into the lives around us.    

It is of paramount importance that writers respect this culture and community. Critiquing is an artform in its own right. Be professional at all times. Always consider your fellow writer by assessing how your constructive feedback can be of help. Lastly, praise where praise is due!   

The Pen Factor believes in prose, whether it's a newly unearthed passion or an old friend that fills you with warmth. 
You are unique and have your own individual reasons for writing. Those very reasons dwell at the epicentre of your identity and should be cultivated. Writing is your journey and it defines you.


Writing is your journey.