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What other writers are saying.

The Pen Factor has been a great experience for me from start to finish. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of reviewing the work of my peers and hearing their thoughts on my submission, The Rock Fortress. Clarissa and the rest of the team have been extremely kind and professional throughout. I was highly impressed with the fact that they even came to visit me in Oxford to present the award! I look forward to following The Pen Factor as they unfold and highly recommend the contest to any aspiring writers looking for an outlet to receive feedback as well as genuine encouragement.

Ryan-Glasgo-small Ryan Glasgo - Winner of The Pen Factor June 2015 - Oxford, England

Thank you, Clarissa, for your very kind words of encouragement! ... I have now received three reviews for each of my submissions ... I'm thrilled to know that you found "Cultural Divide" touching and must thank you for a wonderful, successful and brilliantly-conceived competition. It was great to get comprehensive, constructive feedback so quickly! (Who says writers have to exist in a vacuum) ... I can't say enough good things about The Pen Factor.

Alex-Ambrozic-small Alex Ambrozic - Newfoundland, Canada

Gives writers the opportunity to get opinions by other writers about their work.

Roseann-Wojciechowski-small Roseann Wojciechowski - USA

I appreciate the somewhat objective critiquing system so that reviews are more constructive.

Aaron-Wiley-small Aaron Wiley - USA

I would recommend participating in the Pen Factor competition to writers at all levels. New writers can receive the kind of knowledgeable and critical feedback they can't get from friends and family, and experienced writers can test out edgier material to see if it's creating the desired effect. The exposure is great for aspiring and working writers alike. The opportunities to have your work reviewed by a qualified guest judge and to win a full manuscript consult are cherries on top. I hope to see The Pen Factor continue to thrive and grow for many years to come.

K.M.-Zahrt-small K.M. Zahrt - The Pen Factor June 2015 Runner-up - Michigan, USA

As an emerging writer I have enjoyed working with The Pen Factor. The Pen Factor has an intelligent, professional and ethical approach to encouraging and showcasing new writers and their writing. I wish The Pen Factor continued success in identifying talented new writers and helping their writing obtain deserved recognition.

Peri-Hoskins-small Peri Hoskins - Northland, New Zealand

I really love the opportunity the writers have, not only for the winners but the Top 25% as well. Not many people would think they could make 1st, 2nd or 3rd ... The Pen Factor has solved that problem. I think it really motivates people to want to add more submissions and so on. A common problem for amateur writers is that they feel inadequate to enter competitions, but this website has more of a welcoming and more relaxed set up.

Jade-Steyn-small Jade Steyn - South Africa

We all have a story. What's yours?

Fast, quality feedback in a supportive environment. We think you'll love it.


Frequently asked questions

I love the set up ... it has become one of my favorites to enter. Thank you so much again for everything.

Kaitlyn Williams - USA

Can anyone from any country use this website?

Yes, as long as the work is in English. This is an international website for anyone and everyone around the world.

What is the maximum word limit?

You can submit up to 1500 words per story. You can submit as many stories or chapters as you like, providing they are unpublished.

Am I handing over copyright to The Pen Factor?

No, it's yours and we have no rights over your work.

Are real people really compiling my review?

Yes, of course. Three other writers who have submitted to The Pen Factor have read and considered the story you have submitted. Their feedback is an honest appraisal of your work.

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