Breathless: In Love With an Alpha Billionaire

Breathless: In Love With an Alpha Billionaire

Walking out of a coffee shop, minding her own business, Destiny never intends to crash into real estate tycoon, Jacob Turner. A chance meeting leads to sweaty sheets, sleepless nights, and a passion she never knew existed. The curve of his lips, the warmth of his breath, his take-charge demeanor; Jacob is proof that charm and chivalry is alive and well. Jacob had it all… except her. Due to strongholds from his past, he's not ready to let her own him completely. When Destiny pops up in his city, their love affair is challenged by someone who could never take Destiny's place. Getting Destiny to understand that she's the only one he loves proves to be a quest that the billionaire has the means and heart to take. Will Destiny survive the love of the rich, white tycoon who took her breath away, or will the woman from his past that refuses to let go be the death of her?


Romance / Women's fiction


Shani Greene-Dowdell (Australia)



What in the Hell?

What is it about Jacob Turner? I wondered, as I sat naked in the center of his circular, king-sized bed in his presidential suite at the Marriott Marquis. I'd left my office to go get a cup of coffee around noon, and hours later I was about to open myself up to a stranger who'd literally charmed my panties off.
If anyone had told me I would bump into the heir of Turner Enterprises and be in the billionaire's bed by nightfall, I would have cursed them out for suggesting something like that about me. Turner Enterprises was the nation's number one commercial construction conglomerate that had been passed down for generations through the Turner family. It had offices all over the United States. Every substantial piece of business property in the U.S. was constructed by Turner Enterprises.
I could understand why Jacob was such a persuasive man. He had been groomed since he was old enough to walk, to take the helm of the business. He was powerful, and damned sure influential. He had influenced me to forget all my values and come back to his suite, after hours of mentally stimulating conversation.
I looked around at the lavish room and felt out of place. "Jacob, I don't think I should be here," I said, while scooting to the edge of the bed.
He pulled me back to him, hard. "Stay," he said, breathing his hot breath on my neck. "We don't have to do anything you don't want to do, but please stay."
I turned around and looked into his green eyes. He looked like he was used to getting what he wanted. I was sure he could have any woman he desired. Why was he pleading for me to stay?
"I will stay a little while longer, but then I have to go," I said, crossing my arms to cover my chest. It was Montie's weekend with the kids, so I really had nowhere to go. I just didn’t want to lay up all night with a man that I barely knew.
He slid over to sit beside me on the edge of the bed. Turning my face to his, he placed a soft kiss on my lips. I reveled in the wonderful smell of his breath against mine. I wanted to straddle his lap and swallow him whole, while running my fingers over his smooth, tanned back, but I stayed in control of my actions. I let out a deep breath and looked away, breaking our intense stare.
He sensed that I was uncomfortable, so he stood up, went to the closet, and returned with a robe. "Put this on," he ordered.
His protruding erection told me what he wanted. Nevertheless, he respected my wishes enough not to press the issue. He put some distance between us and sat on the sofa on the other side of the room. He turned on the television.
"What is it about you, Destiny?" he asked as he watched me intently. His eyes were so full of need. That baffled me.
"What do you mean, what is it about me?"
He bit down on his bottom lip. "I mean, what is it about you that has me so thrown off. I've never had a woman in my hotel room, unless it was for… you know. But with you, I'm satisfied with just watching you sit there."
"You will have to tell me tell me what it is. You're the one who invited me to your room, Jacob."
"I guess I just didn’t want our conversation to end at the coffee shop. I wanted to see more of you; needed to see more of you," he said as his eyes raked over my body.
I stood up, put on the robe, and sat back down on the bed. "Well, you got to see all of me. Are you happy?" I asked, tying the robe tighter.
"Yeah…Come sit beside me," he said, patting the spot beside him. It was not a request, but an order that I followed. Once I sat down, he reached over and pulled the string releasing my bare flesh, again. He ran his fingers over my neck, admiring it as if it were a perfect sculpture. He then ran his fingers through my hair and pulled my face to his.
Looking into my eyes, he crushed his lips against mine. His other hand had a firm grip around my back. My arms flew around his neck as our tongues danced. We kissed with tension, as if we were both awaiting a release. I hadn’t had sex in months, and the way he owned my lips said he hadn't felt real passion in just as long. I wanted Jacob bad and that unnerved me. I didn’t like not being able to control the overwhelming feeling emerging between my thighs. I ran my hands over his body, slowly and deliberately. He pulled my hands together and placed them on my legs when I reached his stomach.
"Touch yourself," he said, moving my hands to my own lap. I obeyed, slowly moving them up to caress each of my breasts, running my hands back down my stomach and thighs. "That's enough," he said, just as I was about to stroke my hottest spot.
What in the hell am I doing? I wondered, as I looked into the most handsome face I'd ever seen. I wondered what kind of mind control this eccentric, haired, green-eyed Caucasian man had over me. He replaced my hand with his and I felt his two fingers ease deep inside of me, finding my spot, and bringing my full attention back to him. I fell back on the sofa and began to wriggle, when he intensified his strokes. "Jacob… oh… that feels good."
"I want it to feel better than good," he said as he removed his fingers and dropped down onto the carpeted floor. He slid my ass to the edge of the sofa and his head disappeared between my thighs, only reappearing to say, "You are sweet, Destiny."
He tongue kissed my lower lips as I murmured my satisfaction. He pressed his tongue hard against my clit and moved it back and forth in measured strokes. He held my legs firmly in place so I could not move, as a violent orgasm poured into his mouth. I jerked uncontrollably, experiencing some type of outer-body state that had never happened to me.
He moaned as he lapped up my sweet nectar, not leaving one drop behind. He quickly stood up and removed his boxers, as the last ripples of orgasm went through my body. He was much larger than Montie, which made me think hard about whether I wanted him to continue his plundering. Before I could say a word, he pulled me into his embrace and seized my lips once again. "I want you so bad," he said, rubbing his hand against my clit.
"I want you, too," I said, taking in his magnificent physique. Strong jaw line, broad shoulders, toned abs and thighs. He looked kingly as he stood up and walked to his drawer to get a condom out of his wallet. As I watched this perfectly sculptured, almond milk colored man walk away, I looked at my darker thighs that had lines of cellulite from when I was heavier, and sat up on the sofa. I pulled the robe back around my body.
"What are you doing?" he asked as he walked back to me.
"I got cold," I said, avoiding his gaze.
As he applied his condom, he continued to study me. "Cold, huh?" he said as he walked over to the temperature gauge and turned on the heat. He came back to me, took me by the hand and walked me to the bed.
Standing in front of the bed, he kissed me so sweetly that I moaned recklessly into his throat. I couldn’t resist my attraction to him. I didn’t even notice him slowly removing my robe again, until he threw it across the room, as if he never wanted to see it again.
"I want to look at you while I make love to you," he said as he laid me down on the bed.
I scooted to the center of the massive bed and opened my legs wide. He crawled on top of me and pushed my legs back further with his arms.
"Oh!" I screamed when he entered me with precision, ripping my canal open without warning.
"Shit, you're tight," he said, as my pussy gave way to the pressure of his size. Within seconds, he possessed me with every slow and deliberate stroke. I quivered with every thrust, with what seemed to be a constant orgasm.
"What…are…you…doing…to…me?" I managed to ask between the jerking and quivering that had, once again, taken over my body. When he took my nipple into his mouth, I trembled, releasing the hardest orgasm ever, all over his condom clad dick and down onto the bed. He bucked relentlessly against my pussy, so hard that I contracted and released uncontrollably.

Competition: June 2015 Pen Factor, Round 1



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