The End.

The End.

A girl searches to find herself in world that isn't real...


Paranormal fiction / Magic realism


Victoria Hestia (United States)

I imagined a boy to the side of me, every atom, and every fiber of his being gently breaking apart into millions of tiny things that seemed to be grains of sand. Somehow I knew that he was okay. He didn’t quickly explode or suddenly bust into nothing, he just gently faded into the wind. Then I saw the other boy, grass being to spiral up his leg, there was no look of fear on his face contentedness was the only overwhelming factor. He slowly was consumed by the ground, well not consumed per say, more like became a part of. The last glimpse of pure white light from the sun caught his eyes, causing his face to appear the type of burning white seemingly unimaginable. Then he faded to the light with out a trace. I found my self once again consumed in my mind, thinking of a world that could and would never exist, a normal one. I was overwhelmed with images, of people that can never see me. The shrieking girl slowly melting into the puddle, and I could never get her. She was one of the one’s I knew drowned; I can feel it in my bones. The dead ones never seem to bother me, as much as the ones that live and I can feel peaking over my shoulder. My love forgotten, he was the first. The one that seemed so real I could never understand his name was Percy. We danced in the world together and he saw me, but like the rest the wind blew him away. I shouldn’t focus on such depressing thoughts. There was another one getting swallowed by sunlight. Her crystal blue eyes shone so bright and her hair so gold, she turned to me with a look of shock and was lost to the light. Twenty two and you think that the strange imaginary friends will go away. Maybe I’m what my family calls me, “A crazy schizo killer”, my brother has a theory that all the people I see are people I kill and go missing, but my mind sees it as something else. I run around with all these people disappearing and never take even a moment to wonder where they go; I just pray I never see them again. I turned the corner to my apartment building the large door peered down at me with wide eyes and the boy in the wood smiled at me. There were a few, that didn’t go to the wind, he was there always and honestly was the nicest of them all. “How’s your day, Angel?” “It’s still sunny.” “To many of us, Umbras, out.” “Yeah, you ask Seth if he got any news on what I am.” “No, but I’ll as if he to go talk to you when he gets home.” I nodded in thanks, his jade green eyes florescent at the days were beautiful, they were the only reason I knew he wasn’t just carved into the wall. His eyes made the human carving alive, they made him an Umbra. Umbras are what I see, and what they call themselves, they are a mixture of many impossible things, demigods, gods and goddess, along with many other myths and legends. They are the tales that are told and some that are never heard. Percy was something that was never heard, and I wish someone warned me. I walked up my normal two flights of stairs. I lived in Oakshire, Ohio; I hopped from one small town to another, and kept to myself. I was only known for what I was a physicist/biologist; they have some of the top notch labs down here. The irony of being a scientist who sees things that aren’t real, just leads to checking and rechecking a lot of answers to equations. I made into my room where there were still papers and books sprawled on the floor. Last night’s project, I was checking one some cellular copying stuff for a friend of mine. Weycker was nice and on the brink of genius whatever she needed I would immediately come running. My scatter brained answers to small, I began cleaning up only too look up at the once the doorbell rang, to notice the day had passed and I had barely noticed. The room was clean and tidy, but I swear I had just looked down for a second, nodded my head. Loss of time was common with me; my mind was often caught in some other place. I would drift into what Seth called the fairytale worlds. Like when I was pulled into Percy’s. I guess I should say something on the matter of him. He was the story never heard, but told with a different story that what was real. I feel in love with him only to see him disappear into the sky like the boy that turned to sand. I walked over the door uneasily and a bit light headed. I opened the door to see Seth with his black gleaming hair and golden glittering eyes, he was handsome, but that is what most of the evil ones look like. I always beware of the ones who are drop dead gorgeous. “Hello, Angel.” I opened the door wide so he could walk throw and then closed it gently behind him. “Any news?” “Well four months and I have a theory.” “A theory, are you serious you have been leading me on for months, I have been paying you for a year and the best you could do was a theory.” He shot me a very disappointed parent look, he wasn’t much older than I was, but they were all ancient.” “You are a demigod, preferable the daughter of Theia, I questioned her but she refused to answer. There haven’t been any in a long time, because well, Theia’s demichildern die human and don’t become Umbras because they spend their life haunted by them.” “But I have a human mother and father.” “See that is the flaw in my theory, sadly I think you best doubt is visiting Theia with me tonight.” “Why would she even consider this?” “One, she is almost certain I am wrong because she doesn’t have the power to be seen in the human world. Two, she wonders why you can see.” “Oh great interviewed by a Goddess this is gonna be fun.” **** The doors to the house were bleeding through, the house in reality was rugged and damaged, but the other one was glinting in the moonlight like a grand statement that it was crumbling and old world of the Umbra. I followed Seth who was now dressed in his Umbra attire, for such gathers it is required of him I guess. He was an Egyptian god after all, he opened the door and inside sat a woman gleaming in the light. She reminded me of so many lost to the sun, but her eyes were so much different. They were black and blind, and it made no sense. “So here she is, the mysterious girl, you know I can see every single soul in this god awful universe, but here you are sat in front of me. You body is clear as day, but you’re soul is every where else, but where it is suppose to be.” “Seth describes her for me.” “Black hair with a white streak, and freckles, red garnet eye.” “See mine all look like me, I have very dominant genes as you can guess. She is something much different, something she is… crueler than you, but has experienced much more cruelty.” “Who am I? What am I?” “Death.” “See Umbras we are stories even the untold ones exist some where, so what happens on stop existing they die. Very simply put you are the end of the stories; your spirit is everyone so you can kill everyone. You’re not lost; you are every where except where you’re body is.” “But that makes sense I have been there when an Umbra dies.” “Percy’s death, which was a later version of you. Remember how he died.” “I can stop it then.” Suddenly I was brought into the pouring rain; the skies were at war with themselves. Percy was yelling, “The villain and the hero of my story!” then he turned and looked at me with and tears ran down his face as the rain fell even harder, “Don’t worry,” he yelled back, “you will find yourself.” He turned to me, “you already have.” He fell into a million droplets, but his death wasn’t quick it was slow, every moment it was slowly tearing him apart it was the most painful one, I had felt. He was a story that was never clear, which always come to the most horrid ends. Then I was back in my seat, crying hard. “You can’t because it just happened.” “When does my story end?” “You are cursed, never to end, but to always forget.” I imagined…

Competition: June 2015 Pen Factor, Round 1



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