My two hearts

My two hearts

Twin girls lost their mother when they were four years old. They have never gotten along. That broke the grandmothers heart. When they were older the grandmother deceived them into thinking she was rich and they would not get any inheritance, unless they learned to get along.


Literary fiction


Roseann Wojciechowski (United States)

Twin girls Aria and Gabi, lost their mother when they four years old, they never got along. The girls where total opposites in looks and personalities. One was a girly girl the other a tom boy. The grandmother that lived in Romania came once a month to help her son raise the girls. The grandmother could not move to states as her husband was an invalid and her sister was battling cancer. The girls never liked each other and would do anything to upset one another. This made their father and grandmother very upset. She tried taking them places and doing things. She did every thing to try and get them to get along, to no avail. This went on their whole lives.
One twin was now living the high society life in Manhattan, the other twin was living in Oregon in the woods in a logging camp. They were total opposites and had nothing in common except for the hatred they had for each other and they both loved their grandmother. The grandmother wrote them letters stating they needed to write to each about their lives and in turn send letters to her so she know they were in communication. If they did not do this the family fortune, the estate in Romania and the 400 acres of prime land would all go to charity. So the girls reluctanely wrote the letters and sugar coated the letters they sent to their grandmother, At first the letters were horrid, then got a little more civil but as the the years passed they did developed a friendship. As different heart aches and tragedy filled their lives, they got closer and closer until they did finally love one another. The grand mother was a lot of fun, with a wonderful personality and loved them both more then life. Both twins loved their grandmother very much. The three of them finally where tight and loving. The girls never traveled to see the family estated as their lives were so busy. For years the letters continued and the girls where close. Then it happened, their beloved grandmother died suddenly. Their grandfather and aunt where in the hospital. Both girls where devestated. They met at the airport to go Romania, the grandmother was already dead and buried. It took four hours from the Romanian airport to get to the family estate. The 400 acres where in the middle of know where, the estate was a small simple cabin and the bank account had $1,704.03. The girls entered the cabin and on the grandmothers bed room there was a big basket on the bed with some of her personal things and a letter to the girls. Grandmother wrote: To my two hearts, I died a happy women because of you two. You were the joy of my life and knowing you are here together is making me smile.. See you on the other side my hearts.
They both cried and Aria went to use what she thought was a bathroom. It was a room with only a rocking chair. There were pictures of the girls from floor to ceiling on all four walls. On the door of the room were pictures of the grandmother and her sister. With a sign: The wonder of sisterly love. God Bless us all.

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