Pleasures of Life

Pleasures of Life

Just a man noticing a beautiful woman, nothing strange going on. Anyway my full novel is in two point of views, in a detectives POV and in this guys POV.


Crime / Suspense / Mystery / Thriller


Gabriela Arroyo (United States)

I watch as a woman with blonde hair and blue eyes walks down the street alone. She was beautiful, the perfect woman for me. ‘But why is this sweet, beautiful, curvy woman alone?’ I think to myself. Judging by how she was walking she was tipsy, “Looks like she had a little too much to drink,” So she was at the bar, “and her make up... It’s messy... As if she’d been crying” I continued to examine her, of course, why didn’t I think about it off the bat, she was basically oozing such strong emotions out of her, “The poor thing, she must’ve been through a breakup and with someone she must’ve really cared about. Aw... why don’t you just run into my arms so I can hug you. Tell me doll why did he break up with you, were you a little too clingy? Did he cheat on you? Did you cheat on him? Well,” I smirk to myself, “Not like it matters anymore, you’re mine...” I stride right on over to her just as she was about into her car. I quickly reach for her and grab her from behind, she lets out a beautiful scream as I stab my knife right through her back. I couldn’t stop, no, no that’s not right. I wouldn't stop.

Competition: June 2015 Pen Factor, Round 1



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