I'm an elephant.

I'm an elephant.

I'm an elephant. You're an elephant. We're all elephants.


Crime / Suspense / Mystery / Thriller


GingerWallflower (United Kingdom)

I carry my load, as I carry my baggage; barely flying above the ocean. They all sneer at me, the wave, their reckless ripples of water splashing against my toes.
Thinking and wondering about life, as I casually float by. In reality, my time has become a bland piece of paper; a hole filled with nothingness; a word that is teeming with sorrow: life.
People surround me each day. Learn how to accept, before the people decide for you- I was never very good at making decisions. My brain is just another portal to eccentric imaginations, and dreams beyond insanity.
Way,way beyond insanity!
Have you ever asked yourself what it would be like to be insane? Sanity holds no hope, no fears just reality; late at night, when the moon is awake and ready to hunt the innocent, I ponder over what it's like to be sane.
So, those thoughts have lead me to now. I am an elephant. Nothing but dread in my baggage; nothing but insanity inside of me; and nothing but the elephant I am. The carnival of life grasps onto me as I fall down into the vortex of wet toxic...
Hands of the dead clutch onto my toes, their shocked eyes stare at me callously, as I try to squirm my way out of their grasp. Their decayed flesh groping my entire as I drown into reality, but my carnival of hope keeps me flying.
God doesn't want me to die today.
To die is to end. The end fills my beating heart with rapture; some may say that death only causes woe, I disagree. Living has made me feel lonely. Too lonely.
Floating in boredom across the murky waters. An ominous shadow grows more, as my joyous- such sarcasm- journey continues. Thunder rumbles up ahead; like a lump on a breast, a nightmare breeding within that you can't avoid...
My nightmare has just begun.
The tough, scratchy feel against my scrawny neck. Trapping all of air, so nothing but light can capture me. Whether I go into the darkness or not doesn't bother me, because my final sacrafice has finished.
I can hear my bloodcurdling shrieks, and the ashes scattered across the dirt. Across the filthy dirt. The holy chimes of melancholy shall ring in peoples ears; they will know the elephant's march has stopped. Stopped with power.
I carry a baggage. My baggage is staring at you menacingly; those scarlet eyes late at night are mine, and they're showing my baggage. If only you knew. If only.
The elephant is grey and saggy like my brain. Like me. And I've drowned; the noose around my neck, because I'm no elephant.
I wish I was though.

Competition: June 2015 Pen Factor, Round 1



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