How That Love End

How That Love End

How That One Love End is my first upcoming book. It's all about how that one sided love can hang on for years and the amount of effort he put in to make up with his other half which in fact does not turn out to be expected. Join me in this journey of love and see how does that one love end. Will it go well or will it end badly ? It's up to your imagination or perhaps your experience on the ending of this journey.


Coming-of-age / Young adult fiction


Divinizer Takashi (Malaysia)

Chapter 1 – Appearance of an Angel

My eyes were diverted, not to an object but to a figure. It was a figure of a girl who I can't get my attention off of her. It was 11 years ago where I was on my first day in the last year of my primary education. She was late for the first class on the first day but everyone was busy with their own stuff but my eyes were on her ever since she enter the class. You could say that I was a pervert but I am not. Something about her that caught my attention and I was wondering what it was for the whole day. Since she was late, she had no choice but to sit near to my seat which unexpectedly makes me overjoy. Days end quickly as I was spending all of my time wondering why I can't get my eyes off of her.

Days gone by and it was the time for us to gain some authority as in holding some special position in a class. Well, I would not say that this kind of special position is beneficial as physically you are just a servant to the educator. However, I decide to go for it as I found out that she, who I daze upon, was the head of this position. Without second thought, I agree to accept this responsibility as an initiative to know more about her and reduce the distance between us. It was fun on the first few days as I feel as if I have gained more power in terms of more authority and able to control other student. But it was getting bored as I did not get to see her at all during my duty. The only time I see her is when I was in the class and when we leave the classroom together for our duty. It was suffering but I never give up as her smile and every action of her makes keeps me going on. I just do not know why I was overwhelmed with the feeling of conformity in a good way. And it lightens my days even further every time I see and hear she laughs. It’s just too sweet and too perfect. While I was dwelling in such a good day dream for few weeks, I was being stationed in the canteen. I had never thought that day could be any worst as being stationed in canteen would mean that it's crowded with hungry and rude students who are battle against each other in the form of speed and swift communication when they were clumsily carrying their hot food without any consideration that they would pour it on us out of the line they did not queue at all. Deep in my heart, I felt a slight regret as this is not what I had sign for. After a short moment, an angel appears out of nowhere and save my day. Well, she's not an angel actually, just visualization in my heart. She came in to check on my condition of my duty and it was the first time she talked to me. I could really swear that my heart was melted as if she's the famous idol and you are her biggest fan of all time. It was a day I could never forget even when I sleep.

It has been the same for ten months but the only difference is that I felt that our distance had greatly decreases. It's as if we had become good friends but not until the stage where we will share our secret or rant about our problems to each other. However, it was still the best year of my school life as there's something which was capable of excites my heart and fills in the missing part of the puzzle in my life. Within the blink of an eye, it's the time for our graduation trip in order to celebrate the finale of our primary school life and also to have fun together. Since we are still immature and incapable of being independent therefore the trip will be arranged and accompanied by our instructors. Yet we were all excited of being able to go on a graduation trip together before we depart to another phase of our life. On that eventful day, we were instructed to reach our school before dawn for the trip briefing. Without wasting any time, we got on a rented school bus and took off to the Airport. When we got our boarding pass, everyone started to compare their boarding pass in order to find out the seating arrangement. Some of them even exchange their seat among other students in order to sit with their friends. As for me, I have always hoped to sit her and only her therefore I am also looking forward to exchange my boarding pass with other people so that I can sit with her. Fortunately, I do not need to exchange my boarding pass as fate has brought us together. Her boarding pass shows that she is sitting next to me. From that moment onward, I was truly believe in fate and miracles as out of hundred students, I was still be able to sit next to her. It was truly a work of god and deep in my heart, I was really thankful. After an hour of waiting, we get to board the plane and I was already very excited as I get to sit beside her. The plane took off after pilot's briefing and the demonstration from the stewardess. Throughout the journey on the plane, both of us talk and argue especially on minor stuff such as she does not like to eat the cherry and placing her tray on my table. However, I do not mind a bit, not one bit as I really deeply fell in love with her and would tolerate any of her nonsense. It was not all about argue as we also been able to talk happily about the trip. By closing my eyes, I was wondering whether this is how fate work in a miracle way.

Happy time flies and so does my happy time with her on the plane. While I was struggling in retrieving my luggage, I was blessed with luck and was able to get on the same bus as her. Unfortunately, I never got any chance to sit with her as her place was occupied with her friends and therefore, I decided to sit near to her which was a few seat behind her. Within a few minutes, the atmosphere in the bus was very moody as everyone was sleeping; some was daydreaming while staring out at the window for some scenery. The instructor decides to turn on the karaoke machine in the bus and request for a volunteer to sing a song in order to release the tension and changes the moody atmosphere in the bus. Suddenly I heard a familiar voice and to my surprise she did rise up her hand and volunteer to sing a song. I was shock and happy at the same time. My heart was pumping non-stop as I get to hear what she about to sing. Everyone was enjoying her song even though it's not good but I was very happy to have heard the singing. Deep in my heart, I began to think again, miracles might happen again sometime soon. The amount of anticipation makes me feel uneasy and keep on staring at her reflection from the window on the bus. Without realize, I was smiling like someone who has gone mad but I was humming the song that she sang a while ago and really hoping to hear more of it. In a blink of an eye, we have reached our first destination of the day and we were required to climb a series of steep steps. Of course, I was staying behind her, following her closely like a protector who swore to protect their owner with their life. It was my first time experiencing the urge to protect something. The tour ends very quickly as we had our dinner and went back to our hotel to rest. We were warned not to make noises and behave well during our stay in the hotel but as far as you know, we are still curious children who are eager to explore, play and would not follow any order. It was the best time for us to truly enjoy ourselves as the instructor would have gone to sleep and will never come to check on us. Everyone was rustling out and in from the hotel room and was planning on something fun to do. While everyone was busy with the planning, I was still humming that song she had sang.

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