After Innocenc

After Innocenc

Sawyer was in her third year of college when an ex from high school came back into her life. They hadn't ended things on very good terms, and now he's trying to make it right. After she decides to give their friendship another try, they go to a party for her 21st birthday. She gets drunk and they get into a fight, so he leaves her there. Someone puts something in her drink and she gets raped. It destroys her. Now she has to move past her pain and fears after she loses her innocence. And Chase has to live with the fact that he left her there alone. He helps her get through it, as she learns how to love and trust again.


Romance / Women's fiction


Savannah Munn (United States)

~~Chapter 1
Alright, this is it. Junior year of college. I got this, so close to being done with school forever. Sawyer thought as she walked across campus for her first day. It had been a fun summer hanging out with her family, but she was more than ready to start her new year. She had good classes, great professors, and even better friends. What more could she want? But she’d said that before.
She looked around the campus as she walked to her first class. It was such a huge campus. Coming from a town where she graduated with 27 other people, to a college with more students, than people from your old town, was a bit overwhelming at first. Every time she went to class she saw new faces. She was just glad that her best friend had been there to begin with.
Sawyer was never sure where she wanted to go to college. Her best friend Ally had always wanted to go to The University of Oklahoma. Ally was a huge football fan, so it was a no brainer for her. Sawyer on the other hand wasn’t too into football. She was more of a baseball fan, so her decision was basically determined by whatever school her best friend went to. In this case, it was a ginormous one.
Although she had Ally for the first two years, she was alone now. Ally had got married, right before their Sophomore year had started, to her high school sweetheart, Kevin. Sawyer had loved watching their love story blossom, and was so happy for her. Now Ally was doing school online, and about 12 weeks pregnant. Sawyer was so excited to be an auntie again. She had an older sister, Susan, who had two children, Danny and April. They were 6 and 4, so it was going to be nice to have a baby to love on again.
She walked into her history class and took a seat at the back. She always loved bigger classes so there was a smaller chance that she would get called on. She listened to the professor go on and on about Columbus and his voyage.
“Alright, now to end class today, who can tell me the three names of Columbus’s ships.” The professor asked. Sawyer knew the answer, but had zero intentions of saying them out loud. The class was quiet as the professor looked around. “Seriously? No one knows? This is elementary school stuff here people. No one is leaving until we figure it out, and no cheating on your cellphones either.” He said pointing out at the class. Everyone looked at each other. Sawyer wrote the names down on her notebook.
“It’s the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.” She heard voice from behind her say.
“Thank you Mr…….”
“It’s Stephens, and don’t thank me. I got it off of the notebook from the girl in front of me.” He said. Sawyer stiffened. Great, way to stay low key. She turned around to glare at the guy, and froze. The last name clicked in her head. She knew that face. She had been around that face for 10 years of her life. The black hair that curled at the end, the bright blue eyes, the perfect five o’clock shadow. She’d know him anywhere. Chase Stephens. One of her really good friends from high school, and her ex. He smiled at her, and she turned back around.
“Well, whoever. Alright, read chapters 1 through 5 and I’ll see you all on Wednesday.” Sawyer grabbed her stuff and headed for the door. She was halfway down the hall when Chase caught up with her.
“Hey beautiful, haven’t seen you in a few years.”
“Yeah, I had a really good streak goin’.” He chuckled.
“Come on, you know you missed me.” He said and nudged her shoulder. She kept walking. “Look, I know what happened back then was pretty crappy, but I’m sorry. I’ve apologized so many time. It’s been two years since that summer. When are you going to forgive me?” Sawyer stopped walking and faced him.
“Probably when the thought of it doesn’t make me want to throw up. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have another class to get to.”
“Okay, I’ll see you around then.” He called after her.
“Not with any luck.” She mumbled to herself as she headed back to her dorm.
Sawyer opened up her history book to do her reading the next day, and got about half way through the first chapter before putting the book down. What was she going to do? Did she really have to see Chase 3 times a week for the next 16 weeks. That would be complete torture. She picked up the phone to call the one person she knew could help her.
“I’m tellin you Ally, he acted like nothing ever happened.” Sawyer said a few minutes later.
“Typical. ‘It was all her fault.’ ‘I can only say no so many times.’ ‘I wouldn’t have done it, but she forced herself on me.’ They’re all the same.”
“Exactly. Guys are so stupid. You’re so lucky you got a good one.” Ally laughed.
“I know, he’s pretty great.”
“I was doing so good not thinking about the two of them or anything for the longest time, and then bam. I turn around in my history class, and the first thing I see is his smile, and then the two of them together.”
“It makes me so mad. I still can’t believe you didn’t let me say anything.”
“Ally, if I had let you talk, you would have buried them both.”
“Exactly, they deserved it. No one treats my best friend like that. I don’t care if I was friends with her too. That is crossing a line, and it’s gross, and rude, and….”
“Yeah, I know.” Sawyer interrupted.
“So, what are you going to do now?”
“I don’t know. I guess see him around for the rest of the semester. Or I could drop the class, and take it next semester.”
“No, you can’t do that. We spend 2 hours putting together your graduation game plan. There is no room to change it.” Sawyer sighed.
“Maybe I could just talk to him, and see what he has to say.” She got up and started pacing the room.
“No, don’t give him that. He doesn’t deserve it. Y’all were such good friends, and then y’all were more than that. All you wanted from him is was to feel loved, and he made you feel the complete opposite.” Sawyer shook her head.
“All that is true, but I never gave him the chance to explain himself. I just blew up, threw some things, and pushed him out of my life. Doesn’t he at least deserve that?”
“No, he’s a douche bag. You don’t owe him anything, and don’t think you do. You’re too nice. You give everyone the benefit of the doubt. He treated you like trash. He deserved everything you throw at him.”
“Alright, so what do you think I should do?” Sawyer asked, and sat back down in her chair.
“You’re gonna have to just ride it out. Stay in the class, but stay away from him. Anywhere he sits, you sit on the opposite side. You got this.”
“You’re so good at making up my mind for me.” She joked.
“Exactly. And if he gives you any trouble you just call me, and I’ll be right over. With all these hormones I could take someone out with just a look.” Sawyer laughed.
“I knew you’d make me feel better.”
“Anytime, now I know you have some chapters to read, so get to it. No point in getting behind because of him either.” Sawyer always knew she could count on Ally when she needed help.
She picked up the book and continued reading. Although, she didn’t get one more chapter into the book before she fell asleep. With Chase being back in her life, her dreams took her back to the day that she’d never forget.
Sawyer was riding home with Ally after a long day of studying for the ACT test again. It was the last chance she would have to get it as high as she could before she officially started college in the fall. This summer was going to be the best summer yet. She had great friends, and an even better boyfriend. What could go wrong?
Her and Chase had been going strong since April. She had left him at her house for a little while to go study with Ally. They were all going to have a movie night with Kevin, and another good friend.
“Good, she’s here already. I’m gonna go put the books in my room real quick. I’ll meet y’all in there.” Sawyer said. Ally nodded and headed to the living room. Sawyer opened up her door and turned on the light. She froze when she saw her bed.

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