The Man of My Dreams chpt 2

The Man of My Dreams chpt 2

King Ataji and Renalla become better acquainted.


Romance / Women's fiction

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Ronda Heard (United States)

Chapter 2
The Dance

King Ataji nodded to the drummers and they began to play. Without letting go of my hands, he took a step to the right and then to the left.

"Listen to the music," whispered the king, "let it move your feet."

My eyes closed and my head fell back as the drum beat echoed in my soul. Suddenly, my arms shot up into the air, my eyes sprang open and flashed with fire and my hips swayed rhythmically from side to side. As the king stood submerged in the hypnotic sway of my hips, I danced around and stopped behind him. I gently placed my hands on his shoulders and pulled myself to him until my breasts touched his back. I sensually slid my body down his back until my breasts touched the bottom of his rear. King Ataji drew in a quick breath as if he had been pierced by a sharp object. I smiled to myself in delight and continued to circle him. Once I had come full circle and faced him, I noticed the look in his eyes had changed from caring and concerned to explicitly sexual. Taking his look in stride, I turned my back to the king and put his arms around my waist. The crowd, again, gasped in disbelief. I reached up behind me and tousled the king's locks. His manhood quickened and a low moan rumbled deep inside his chest. The drum beat tore me away from the king and I wildly danced around the fire; flailing my arms and kicking up dust. The crowd started to chant and dance around me. As the excitement grew the drummers played louder; more fervent. And I just danced; wherever my feet took me. Amid all the chaos, the king stood silent, entranced by me and the dance. Then from the depths of my being leapt the soul of the Banshee as she cried, "I-e-I-e-I-e-I- eeeee!" Suddenly, the beat stopped and I collapsed to the ground.

King Ataji walked over to me, picked me up and led me into his hut. Jotuzu barged into the king's hut.

"Your Majesty, are you sure you want this filthy girl in your hut? She should bathe first."

"OUT!" The king's command thundered through the hut as Jotuzu left with haste.

"Renalla, why don't you take a bath," purred the king as he escorted me to his bath chamber.

"Please, make yourself comfortable and relax. I will have someone bring your bath water."

He flashed a magnificent smile and left. As I looked around the room, I noticed how plain and simple everything was. No golden tub. No silver this or brass that; just the basic necessities.

"Everyone, please go home and attend to your business. I do not wish to be disturbed. If anyone of you disturbs me and it is not of grave importance, he or she will pay dearly." The villagers heeded the king's warning and departed to their huts.

"I really enjoyed that dance," King Ataji said as he re-entered the bath chamber.

"Your Majesty, you frightened me," I said holding my chest.

"I am sorry. I did not intend to startle you and please, call me Ataji."

The king clapped his hands and six women appeared with vessels of water. They hurriedly filled the tub and bowed to the king. He nodded and they left.

"I will leave now, also," said the king.

I walked over to the tub and put my hand in to test the water. It was perfect. Afew moments later, I heard a knock on the wooden door post and turned to find Ataji standing there.

"May I come in?"

"Yes you may, Your Ma. . . Ataji." I smiled at his uncharacteristic shyness.
He emerged with an exquisite, purple and gold embroidered cloth, a multi-gemstone encrusted hair comb, several gold rings and a pair of purple, leather sandals. My mouth fell open when I saw the beautiful things he brought me.

"These are for you." Ataji spoke in the sweetest, most soothing tone I had ever heard.

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