The Answer

The Answer

Kathrine Jenkins is different. She doesn't want to be the popular one even though she is. She is a perfectionist when it comes to schedules and nothing can stop her from following it. Nothing except the dreams. Every night since she was sixteen she had dreams of him. After a change in the dream she decides to find out why...


Coming-of-age / Young adult fiction


Aylias Tarren (United States)

Chapter One
I turn around and see him still chasing me. "Ugg leave me alone!" I shout tired and frustrated. I mean why is this guy chasing me anyway. I've never seen this guy before but yet he seems scary familiar. He wasn't bad on the eyes at least, being tall with his jet black hair and icy blue eyes. The complete opposite of me being shorter with natural platinum blonde hair and electric green eyes. My surroundings are definitely familiar since every dream takes place here. I was sixteen when I first started dreaming of him. Two and a half years later I still dream of the same boy and the same place and have the same outcome. I am completely aware I am asleep but I can't wake up. Every dream I run from him and take different paths. Every time, and I mean everytime, I end up being swallowed in utter darkness.
​ This time I took a left at this large water fall hoping he won't see me. He may be handsome but being a stalker is creepy and takes him from a ten, to a two. He scans the area and his eyes lay right where I hide. I peek out from the bushes and he is gone. "Phew, a few more minutes and I would have fainted." I say to myself and for the first time ever I believe I lost him and I didn't run into a portal to darkness. Now thats progress. I almost break into a dance when second shadow emerges from my own. I gulp and slowly turn around. Now I'm mad. There he is standing there cold eyes and a smirk on his face. My expression adds amusement to his eyes but before I can reply I am swallowed once again. By a portal. Consumed by darkness.
"No!" I half yell as I wake up drenched in sweat. My alarm was bleeping loudly as the numbers 6:15 flash on and off. I'm fifteen minutes late on my schedule. Mentally slapping myself for not waking up earlier (even though it can't be helped), I pull myself out of bed immediately collapsing. Hearing the crash brings my sister Ana Williamson. My whole family has brown hair and hazel eyes except me and her. She has green eyes but more of a pale color. "Kathrine are you alright" she asks with a bit of humor in her eyes. I look up at her but as I smile she frowns. "You look horrible sis, no offence. What have you been running all night?"
"No," I say quickly. "It sure feels like it though" She gave me one more concerned look. I quickly get dressed after she leaves the room. Its finals week and I cannot afford to be late. The school is only thirty minutes away so I always walk. Yeah, I'm kind of a nature person. Why use a car unless you have too. One day we are going to have so much pollution and I want little to do with it. I know I don't have time to walk my usual route so I have no choice but to cut through the woods. I have never been through the woods because it's supposedly haunted and my parents are caught up in the rumor. Seriously who believes in that stuff anymore? Well, I don't. As I cross under the broken chain fence I notice all the thorns. My mom would kill me if I got the clothes she bought me ripped. She may be the mayor and a rich one at that but she hates the waste of money. Luckily one of my favorite hobbies is designing so I wore some of my own clothes today. "Alright, I know if I keep heading straight I will end up right next to the school." I say to myself aloud but as I journeyed deeper into the woods I found myself having to go around patches of brambles and poison ivy. Soon I noticed I was on a very familiar path. I paused recognizing the exact path I was on. The one from my dream. Usually I dont get scared but this is my worst fear. My eyes dart from side to side half expecting the boy to start chasing me out of no where. Luckily for me he wasn't there. Three minutes later I see the exit to this horror show of woods. I checked my watch for the time and it read 6:58 am. I had two minutes to get to class or I'd be counted tardy. Im kind of a perfectionist when it comes to schedules. So much for that, right? I rush to my class making it by literally two seconds (I counted). My teacher gives me a look of disapproval but doesn’t say anything. My friends clap when I take my seat next to them. I have never missed a class and I don’t plan to anytime soon. I have two main friends. The rest are just followers sort of. The girl is Leah Andler. She had brown hair but she dyed it grey (to look tumblr) and she has blue eyes. The boy is Jacob Raen. He has brown hair and pretty dark green eyes. They both are really nice but they can be sort of crazy. I love them though. My teacher gives me another harsh glare before she starts class.
**** ​
"Okay, I want all the details, what happened this morning? You were almost late! Was it another dream?"
"Calm down Leah. It was another dream but this time it was different…"
"Okay you need to stop running from him. Confront him. Maybe it is a vision or... OMG what if it was a memory!" I shurg my shoulders I couldn’t possibly be running around with some creep all night but, that would explain my tiredness. No, impossible. I am sure my sister would know I left. She is the lightest sleeper and has amazing hearing. Jacob finally joins us having no clue what he walked into. He doesn’t know about the guy yet. I plan to keep it that way. Even though he is like a brother to me I dont want to tell him because he can be very protective. Leah changes the topic to her sister Lily. About a minute later I run into something. It can't be a pole because I know the halls like the back of my hand. It also can't be a person because, you know how in the movies everyone moves fro the popular kids? Well that happens here for some reason.
I look up and sure enough its a person. A guy. I guess he is new. He turns around and I literally almost faint. Its him... but no his eyes, they're grey. He must have seen my face. "You look like you've seen a ghost." he says. I mutter and walk right past him bye. Leah is going to attack me for that.

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