kicked from haven

kicked from haven

an old man who lost his lover in younge age and she left him a note that she will see him in haven some day and so he saw her but it was not the right time so he come to life again he tells his town people about that but no body belive him to die as a creasy man.


Literary fiction


shawq khrais (Jordan)

Kicked from haven

Some people were born for love, labored for love and sacrifice their bodies and souls for love too, but by time the people hearts changed through the circumstances of their life but not all of them. Do you see that wooden chair placed next to the wall? Well, an old handsome man used to set on it as his throne most of the day; He is a king without a palace without people too. He is the lord of passion and feeling, he have nothing to do but collecting red roses and putting them in his lap touching them smoothly as if it was the hair of his beloved. For the people of the town he was officially mad they used to see him in this way as they have no correct image for him in their heads except this. Most of the children liked to set with him they dew to him like a magnet I don’t know why?
They used to help him in picking the flowers then setting around him like the knights around their leader. He woke the sense of curiosity inside them through his sweet and rare stories. He told them about the strength which visits the weakness body when love touched the hearts of the people. His words made their blood brown caramel which spoiled their minds in golden way.
The small beautiful faces were turned in to the color of pink and suddenly blushed to the roots of their hair. These kids understood the mind and the heart of this man as nobody did before. In the evening they say their wished their king a good night and run as the escaped air from a big balloon. Whatever he told them remain a secret in their little hearts whatever the parents tried to know from them they certainly failed. They put an innocent smile in their pure faces and went to sleep to see their king in the next new bright day.
The man was kind and harmless but he wasted his life by invisible love. He was a slave of some beautiful lady of course a slave to her kind heart. He lost her when that fast death took her away from his beautiful life but she left him a picture she wrote at the back "see you in haven someday I'll be waiting". From that time the man forget what present time means and he lived as a guard to her memory. He had forgotten the days and the months and the numbers too. People used to help him to get back to his home in the late nights of summer in some days. he was living on his own world, the world of love and joy he always painting they sweet smile on his face just as a man who is waiting his love to show in their romantic date. Whistling his favorite tune, this makes him fly away. He loved his own town which was set on a beautiful blue sea where he used to walk on it shore and the waves run under his feet making him laughs.
Years passed and he still seemed to be under his own sky surrounding by his shiny stars, until one day he was found dead on his throne outside his house when the boys came to give him the flowers which they picked for him to make him happy as every day he fall down on the ground without moving dead of course. The boys ran in great fear to tell the people of the town screaming " our king is dead…our king is dead".
Nobody felt sorry for him except his knights the kids. People shock their heads with a yellow smile when they heard the calling for his death by the small boys. From now and on their children will do something useful instead of picking the flowers and spending the day listening to his fool fairy stories that controlled their minds.
He had no funeral he just was left by hands and buried in the grave yard of the town in his own cloths without box as he left no money to buy such thing to him. For the small children it was a sad day for them as they will miss him so much but for him it was a happy day as finally he will see his love in haven as she told him. And yes he was in haven it was a big green land full of springs and rivers, people were very happy there sitting on a soft comfortable beds wearing the silky holy green color. Their hands were decorated with golden and silver bracelets served by immortal young white boys if you looked at them you thought they are a number of pears spread all over the green place. They were drinking by golden and silver cups and plates which fuelled with the fresh delicious colorful fruits and non earthy wine. He walked forward to see more from the place where his eyes had fall on the rivers of honey and milk and wine which were dreamy Sean. He walked as his feet refused to stop and his eyes wanted to see more great things until he was really thirsty and he wanted to taste some of the magical things that he was still seeing with every step that he took so he stopped in front of water fall made from red wine there were some of beautiful girls were trying to drink too. He walked to see them and suddenly he saw his beloved between them he called her" Judi…Judi".
She turned he head and said" oh Joe…is that really you?!"
"Yes my darling it is me can't you see?"He said.
"What are you doing here Joe?" she asked.
"What?" he said" I came to see you my love" he said holding her hands. "It is your desire isn’t it".
"What? She said in anger." You're not supposed to here" she added.
"why my love you don’t want me to be here with you?" he said in sad voice" you don’t love me anymore?"
"Not like that you fool" she shouted and kicked him on his head with a bucket she was holding in her hand. She said to him in loud voice " you are not dead yet".
At that time he woke up to find himself in the grave where the sky was crying pure rain at him he pulled himself out from the hole which was not deep enough to fit him and walked out in slow steps then he remembered what he had seen. He started to run through the town shouting with all his power " I was in haven…I was in haven…I saw Judi…I saw Judi…yes…yes... I did".
People looked from the windows and some of them opened the doors to see who was shouting they were shocked to see Joe running in the roads alive. Some of them thought it was his ghost but the disbelieving was written on their faces. This thing made the people to believe that he will be more creasy than he was and they must keep out their children from seeing him again.
Nobody believed his story about haven and seeing his love Judi there. And from that time the king felt true happiness until he passed away in the next summer where it was the right time for his meeting.
He was an old rare coin which nobody could read it until it was cleaned with acid by a skilful numismatist.

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