Eternal Love

Eternal Love

About the sun and the moon's intangible love.


Flash fiction


Emmy Halvorson (United States)

Eternal Love

My head is throbbing; my mind scattered. Stars begin to fill my head. His warm embrace covers my existence; the galaxy is mine. He is my king and I am his queen. Jumping from planet to planet, our love grows deeper, stronger.
The day is long without his love. Day after day, he sits above the clouds pondering what I am doing. He imagines my face; dark blue eyes that shine like the tides and a smile that gleams. When night comes, he is thrilled. He greets me with a kiss then leaves. He loves me so much that he dies every night so that I can breathe. That passing moment is worth waiting an eternity.
Dawn brings only sadness to me. And to him. His eyes fill with sorrow, for I must leave again. Rain soon covers the ground and the day goes by particularly slow. His life remains incomplete without my love. Everyday his eyes see beyond the clouds but his mind drifts to our intangible love. The evening comes and his mood becomes radiant; shining like Heaven’s gates opening for the first time. I will soon be close to him. Dusk will reveal the most beautiful sight he could ever imagine. The shining opalescent gleam of my skin is evident but my eyes have lost their twinkle.
“Luna!” he said.
“Solar, why do you keep doing this? It only brings us pain.” Her eyes drift towards the ground, avoiding his loving gaze.
“Pain and beauty often come together.”
He steps closer; his hands cup my face and warmth consumes me. The tides rise with our passion; Solar’s lips brush mine. My body and mind are on cloud nine.
“The Solar Eclipse tomorrow will give us more time, I promise. You are my one and only Luna, don’t forget that.”
And he was gone.
The light of dawn came faster than expected. The clouds part for the longest passing between the two lovers. The kiss is the only thing on her mind. You’re my one and only whirls in her head. Tomorrow was here and he had promised they would have more time to be together. Her spirit aches for him… wanting him for eternity.

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