A Sky of Chaos and Fury Chapter 1

A Sky of Chaos and Fury Chapter 1

The history can be clouded in deceit, it is not what it seems; the evil is innocent, the protectors are the liars and a family wronged and forgotten returns to exact their revenge. History must not repeat, what lives in the shadows must stay in the shadows and the Ravenna must die (As history believes) but in light, the lies of the shadows are revealed.


Action / Adventure


Azura Kaltain (Australia)

Heavy was the wind that was thick with hate and the thirst for vengeance. It was laced anger, fury and tied together with chaos. Something chaotic stirred the sky, its hate and fury weighed upon the clouds until it became fog and the coldness of wind held the bite of the need for revenge. This chaos of emotions swept across towns and cities, which trembled in the midst of the fog until the tentacles released them and their held breaths.
The fog of hatred was a cloak to shield its furious summoner, the wind was the fuel of the rage that burned in the chest of its master and the sky seemed to bow in fear and respect. The chaos travelled until it reached the Western Leviathan Sea and it then stopped. The fog parted for its master that travelled in its mist and the wind splashes the oceans salty wind onto her face, letting her know that it was ready for whatever command, she was ready to issue.
The cloaked master unclasped her disguise and let the wind carry it away but what stood in place, wasn’t a cretin of murder at all. Her hair cascaded like the waves down her back, flying beautifully in the wind, which ran through it like fingers. Her tea-length dress fluttered in the wind, the shades of purple glittered like silk in the moonlight and the thorns of grey that wound around her dress were the emblem of her hatred. Her pale skin was snow in the glitter of the stars but what was most peculiar about her was the grey and purple streak in her hair. That was not all, on her right arm a fork much like a fork in the road held a swirl that looked like the wind but under the grey symbols was a purple skull.
She muttered to the wind and it brought her a mask of purple and grey vines, hiding the intentions in her amber eyes. She then took one step off the cliff but did not pummel into the raging sea below. A golden path illuminated in front of her, it then revealed an ancient castle that reminded her of the castle she researched in books. The gargoyles continuously drained the water that was stored in the castle after a year of being submerged in the seas. Her steps echoed on the golden path; it was an ominous walk that even made the shadows shake. As she reached the front of the door, she swung her hand back and then propelled it forward, the wind followed and the doors burst open, extinguishing all light but it didn’t worry her as she continued her steady walk.
The dancing stopped as the footsteps echoed in the hall and stopped as a girl in purple and grey thorns stood at the balcony that overlooked the gala. People from the fourth to the seventh generation of families gawked at her in shock, antagonised that a stranger would intrude on their celebration. But she had every right to be there. She could see the Brenton family in ravishing red, the Kai family in the lightest shades of blue, the Thane family in pure white, the Tarleton family in the darkest of blues, the Maximus family were in pure black and the illustrious Konrad family were in forest green. She looked to the tapestries above, a red fire, a blue ocean, a dark and stormy sky of lightning, an icy plain, congestion of mountains, a forest of greens and finally a sky full of grey winds and purple skulls. But in this gathering of vibrant colours that were similar to the tapestries, the colours of grey nor purple were nowhere to be found.
The master of the skies descended the balcony, but her graceful entrance wasn’t to be in awe of, it sent shivers of fear down everyone’s spine. Until a tall hulking man in pure black stood in her path, not allowing her to go one step further and the dark atmosphere of the gala deepened. ‘Move,’ she said in a calm and clear voice, meaning no harm to the man, yet.
‘You have no business here stranger, leave,’ he ordered in a strong voice that shook the room, but the girl didn’t flinch as she looked past his hulking figure
‘I see, the Tarleton’s, the Konrad’s, the Thanes, The Maximus family, Kai and Brenton families. But where? Oh, where is the Ravenna family?’ said the girl in a voice that sent shivers down the spine of the head of the Maximus family. ‘Is my family not counted anymore?’ and in the corner of her eyes, she watched the three oldest people in the room shuffle uncomfortably. ‘And they know why!’ her small voice boomed. She vanished in the wind that broke down the windows, she then appeared at the table of elders.
‘Well, well, well, if it isn’t Aden Brenton, Rosemary Kai and Glacier Thane,’ she said in a voice that everyone thought was overly creepy. ‘My great-grandmother has a bone to pick with you or rather did,’ she then pulled out a chair and sat across from them.
‘Y-you’re, a titan slayer,’ rasped old Aden, noticing the marking on the girls’ arm.
‘Correct and so you know why I’m here. No. Well, let’s start from the beginning. ANYONE THAT WANTS TO LEARN A BIT OF FAMILY HISTORY, gather around,’ and the curiosity of people drew them closer to hear the girls’ story.
“My name is Fury Ravenna. My mother was killed by you,” she said pointing at Rosemary’s daughter, Brook. And of course, my great-grandmother and grandmother were killed by you three old farts in retaliation when my very great-grandmother, Tempest killed your parents when they killed her children. Quite a cycle of revenge, don’t you think so?” and as quick as a whip Fury had decapitated their heads, shrieks and panic filled the room as the bodies and heads fell to the ground. The wind outside roared in pleasure as the sky clapped in thunder, it swirled around Fury until it formed in her hands and the wind picked up the blood that dribbled on the floor. The blood began to glow a bright red and it turned white. The light blinded the room.
‘In the blood of revenge, the staff of Tempest rises from the deaths of the Ravenna family enemies,’ chanted fury and the blood and wind hardened into metal, it grew into a staff with a purple dragon spiralling around it. Fury cackled in triumph as she felt the power of the skies and the chaos in her veins, react with the mighty staff.
The head of the Maximus family was the first to react he grabbed a chair and lobbed it at her, but Fury swiftly ducked under the attack. She leapt and landed on the brute’s large shoulders. Chairs and objects were being thrown at her from every direction. She jumped so she pushed the head of the Maximus family into the ground and she twirled her staff and generated a wind that sent the objects flying back at her attackers. Fury leapt onto the balcony “You call yourselves powerful families, I am one and I will show you true power,” she said as the lights in the room were snuffed and the windows shattered. Fury raised the staff above her head and began to twirl it. The winds were drawn to it and spun around Fury. As Fury pointed at those on the ballroom floor, she unleashed a tornado. It tossed them all about, injuring no one but it left most shaken and fearful. As they all stared at where Fury once stood, the all scowled in anger the enemy of their families had returned and Fury vanished into the night, leaving nothing but the dead bodies and everyone wondered, what just happened?

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