The Little Mouse

The Little Mouse

The little mouse who just wants a meal


Action / Adventure


Singular Cow (Australia)

​The mouse scuttled out from its hole and towards the overflowing bin. To the little mouse, it was as tall as a skyscraper. Something inside the bin was rotting, but the mouse's sensitive nose twitched as it picked up a somewhat appetising scent. Its soft grey fur was stuck together by some old gum as it crawled up the side of the bin, and when the mouse reached the top, it began to search for what was producing the nice smell. The mouse rooted around in the old soda cans and take-away food containers until it finally found what it was looking for. A huge chunk of goat cheese, still in its packaging. The mouse used its small paws to grab the edge of the plastic wrap and pull it onto the edge of the bin. Just before the mouse jumped down, a dark shadow swept across the alleyway. The mouse immediately shrank back and tried to hide itself in the surrounding rubbish but it was too late. The eagle had already seen it. The large bird swooped down, knocking the mouse off the side of the bin and into the midst of the trash. The mouse dug itself down through the rubbish and curled up inside an old banana peel. The eagle swooped again, this time grabbing the banana peel in its front claws, and dropped it on the ground around the bin. Now unprotected, the mouse scrambled for the edge and leapt off, landing on the cheese, which had fallen off earlier, and it bolted for its hole. The eagle landed on the ground behind the mouse, but just before it went to grab its prey, the mouse turned around and jumped at the eagle. Spooked, it took off and flew out of the alleyway. The mouse knew it wouldn't come back anytime soon but still turned and ran back into its warm, cozy hole, where the little mouse went to sleep, exhausted after its long day.

Competition: Friendly feedback, Round 1



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