Ecce Homo

Ecce Homo

Name: Michael Swift Age: 13 Country: Australia Synopsis: This narrative addresses relative moral values and questions what constitutes an absolute moral body such as god or any other religious figures. The text advocates that the greatest man is one whom conquers human nature by not defeating it, but allowing to be consumed by it. It argues that even the most ethereal bodies are no greater than their ‘Unholy,’ counterparts. Overall, Ecce Homo has many unnamed faces which I will leave to you to explore, for I would like to maintain concision. Please take note that this is not to be confused with a religious text, although it does address certain aspects of religion, it does so to assist in demonstrating the philosophy of the narrative.


Literary fiction


Michael Swift (Australia)

Name: Michael Swift
Age: 13
Country: Australia

Ecce Homo

i. Purgatory

God is dead.

The sinless rejoiced, the scholar abandoned, and the common man wept tears as pure as the blush of maiden modesty, and as black as the pits of sightless eyes. The smorgasbord of men danced under the ebony aquatics of the sky, and declared a love, a love without divine penalty. They are become free of faith and authority. They are become the unknowing stars in a comedy of infinite jest, and in these danced men festered a desire for the absolute and the known, and thus spoke Diabolus.

ii. Thus, spoke Diabolus:

There He arouse in a crescendo of fiery chorus and as blissful as virgin light, and spoke that orgasmic verse of inferno:

“I am your successor, I am divine as you are mortal, I am necessary invention, and I have burnt in my own flame and arose victorious, therefore, behold me, for I am Man.”

“As am I,” jeered a common man, and thus burst out the crowd in laughter.

“As you are,” replied He in an unexpectedly passive demeanor, “However, I have conquered self, a feat greater than the vanquishing of the greatest foe or the slaying of cunning verse, for the wisdom vested in the body is greater than the deepest philosophies.”

“And what does your artful verse desire – the fruit of worship and reverence perhaps?” asked the common man.

“Indeed, it does sir, I will not deny my yearnings and lusts, for I have conceded my nature and mastered my domain, and now that I have awakened, I will remain awake for eternity.”

“And what do you say of your sanity,” mocked the holy man.

“I have laughed at tragedy and abhorred vehement beauty, real or imagined, I have ascended the highest mountain, conversed with the heavens and found only despair, I have ventured into the darkest of abysses and found hope, yet you are no different to I, we are united by insanity and characterized by perversion, there no shepherd, only sheep, condemned and unguided.”
“So why do you preach the verse of a shepherd?” schemed the scholarly man.

“For I am Man, pure and corrupted, I serve reason as I serve self, I am not one to absolve, but one to inspire, through undeviating counsel and guidance, this is what I seek.”

“Why should you seek to deliver counsel?” queried the motherly figure.

“My indulgence in materials, fickle love interests and scholarly pursuits has long since expired, I now seek pleasure in acts of altruism and mentorship.”

“Does the pleasure taken not render your compassion false?” orated the smirk young man.

“Indeed, it does child, but does that not mean my service shall be of ill quality, do the means of pleasure not provide a more candid incentive, to this I seek your revision.”

“What is the wisdom of blind ambition against that of old-age?” challenged the grey man.

“It is naught, but where age erodes vision and hope, youth ignites change – and when inured to self, become a force of revolution.”

“How will you be of service, if at all?”

“My service to all shall be steadfast, as is my service to self, I will serve as guardian, mentor, deity, and man. You shall be liberated. Thus, I deliver to you my commandments.”

iii. Enlightenment

“There is no shepherd and one herd – We all desire equally; everyone is fundamentally the same.”

“He whom fails to acknowledge human identity will fail to endure; Silence is worse; all truths that are kept silent become poisonous.”

“The worst enemy you will face will always be yourself; you will always be a heretic to yourself and witch and soothsayer and a forgotten cause. You must be ready to burn in your own flame; if not how could you rise anew if you had not first become ashes.”

“Man’s nature will never be overcome therefore it must be embraced in order to achieve absolute harmony.”

“Chaos is order; as a result of his nature a man is never content, therefore his internal chaos is order.”

“Do not fear wrath; wrath is unfeigned human emotion.”

“I have delivered to you my 6 commandments, if adhered to you will become people of Diabolus, the people of god.”

And thus, begins the age of Man.

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