Only Flesh

Only Flesh

You awaken beneath the grip of someone familiar to you. However, they reveal their true ways, how bound in cruelty they really are-




Michelle Vongkaysone (United States)

You've finally come to me, haven't you? Your face twists with shock, easing into pain and fear. You notice my restraints, how they hold you to my wall. They're heavy, tearing into your bruised flesh. That's perfect, I wouldn't have it any other way.

You're as good a specimen as any here. That's why I brought you over, having swayed you to my side. You plead with dread, your worst fears realized. It's a great performance, seeing you struggle and screech. I've all the time in the world to watch you wither away.

That's why you're here, after all. You're not leaving, not until I have my way with you. You keep struggling, your gaze boring into me. You're like the rest, so repulsed by me. I shake my head, denying you again. I taunt you that knowledge, saying as such.

You're not the first, not by a long shot. You're nothing special to me, just another pawn of mine. The very thought makes you grow pale. You finally get the point, horrifying you beyond belief. It's enough to make me rejoice in front of you.

I guess it's a thing of mine, even with all the others. When your hopes die, mine only grow stronger. But I must remain calm. I have your body to claim, after all. You're not going to perish without a fight, that I see.

I can take you down. You wince as I strike you, your skin supple beneath me. I've only begun, you see. You bite at me, but I dodge your blows. It's not that easy, you know. But I like seeing your mouth, though. It's a little reminder of my own.

There's so much I can do to hurt you through it. I can harm you with words and wound your flesh. It excites me so much, making me ready to strike again. Soon enough, you'll be mere flesh beneath me. You'll be like the rest, paying for your lives.

You cry out in shock, to my annoyance. That's why you're here, bleeding beneath me. It could've been anyone else I could've fooled. But you're the one for now. As I confess it to you, your recoil with disgust. It angers me, as it does to you.

Even if you can't move, you can act. You protest me, shaking wildly. I let you writhe around, draining yourself further. You're no different from the others, decrying me. I've heard it all by this point, so keep going.

I have own protests to fight you with. They'll get you nice and ready for what I'm about to do. It'll hurt, but I wouldn't have it any other way. It's not like you would either. You're drained, but I see the contempt and fear in your eyes.

The rest of your kind see me this way. I admit this now, because I can. I don't go to these lengths to leave "empty" handed, you know. Pay me yourself, pay me with your blood. Go on, fight against me. Scream and beg like the worthless scum you are.

I've heard it all from the rest of you. It's like white noise, the static of my life. I have always been put upon, never good enough for this world. Well, it's not good enough for me either. See if I care what you all think once I'm done here. Fight me if you so dare.

Pay me back with your pain. Come on, it's all you're good for. By the time I'm done with you, every bit of you will be mine. You're not going to waste, be it with your skin, organs, what have you. That's good enough for me, sustaining my life. It disgusts you, doesn't it?

I know it does. You're probably wondering how you got here. How did I get you in this spot, you ask. Well, that's your own fault. You thought less of me, who I truly was.

I didn't give you reason to think otherwise. No, that'd be foolish of me. You walked into this yourself. You're like the others, willing to follow the one who flatters them. I played you for the fool your are. Then I got you when you least expected it.

That's your weakness, like the rest of mankind. It doesn't matter what I do, only that you approve of it. I've spent my life being offensive to your kind. It wears down on a person, you know? But, I'm past that now. You're just as offensive to me, so worthless.

You can only please me through death. That's what your "true" worth is, so ripped from your bones. That's all anyone can offer me now. I've my resources, but they're still not enough. No, I need more victims. I can never have enough sacks of flesh to defile.

It's a big world out there, full of targets. Why should I let the opportunity pass me by? Your repulsion remains, so heavy upon you. I see your restraints, how they tear into your flesh. You dare not move, provoking them. Even your rage can't hinder such pain.

You're not like me. I've spent my life tolerating that vile force. Now that I control it, it powers me so. It drives into me, stripping me down to my very disgust. That is what led me to you, to your misery. And that's where you'll die, having come beneath me.

It spurs you on, forcing you to struggle and scream. Go ahead and prove yourself. It's no matter to me. You can spill your blood all you want. It pours beneath your restraints, the flesh giving way to bone. I feel it upon you, how pains you further.

You refuse to believe me, even in this state. You hope for yourself, your very body. It's futile, but you can have your pleasure. Your misery is my own. Whatever you say is just white noise to me. Your pleas are cries of weakness, forcing themselves on me again.

It's a great pleasure of mine now. It's like a performance, justifying my vengeance. You're all the same at first. You refuse me, what I stand for. Then your bodies give out, leaving yourselves to my grasp. I've seen it before. You can fight me, knowing what will come.

You'll wear yourself out eventually. Then you'll know my true might. It's above anything you can muster, my hatred absolute. None of your kind can compare to me now. I have mastered your contempt, which you've shown me in life. It's my own, made for agony.

In return, I give it back to you, humanity's reward. You're all worthy of it, pathetic wastes that you are. Go on, fight me on this. You'll never make it out alive. No, you're only flesh, made to be shaped and used in my image.

As you bleed out, you grow aware of it. It clings onto you like hands against your throat. You flail beneath its weight, pleasing me. That's good to know. You finally get the point. You're as worthless to me as I am to your kind. But I know how to use it to my benefit.

I've finally won against your lot. That's why I gloat as I do now. I break into a grin and lunge at you. Your shock remains, though dampened by defeat. With each blow I give you, your resistance fades away. That's what I like to see. It won't be long until it's over for us both.

Then I can begin anew, finding another to take your place. You're not the first, and you won't be the last. All that you know will die with you. Your blood stains me, your face broken. You repay me in pain, my own lessening. I am vindicated, glad for my efforts.

It was worth the trouble to collect you. But I'm glad you're so malleable, though. Some are more resistant, others much less so. You're just right, perfect to pick on. You grow weary under me, shaking as I clutch your throat.

You peer at me, your gaze faltering. I grin, pressing my hands into your flesh. That's all you are to me, mere flesh. You're only the flesh of my foe, to be reaped for your crimes. That's all anyone is to me now.

You're all pawns, just waiting to come for my "rapture". As your body grows limp, my smile grows. Oh, it'll be great when you repay me. It's enough to make me giddy, just like with all the others. You're only flesh, but my pleasure comes through just that.

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