A Hungry Caterpillar

A Hungry Caterpillar

A caterpillar who was hungry and arrogant learnt a lesson in the end.


Coming-of-age / Young adult fiction


Peggy Yau (Hong Kong)

A Hungry Caterpillar

A caterpillar hatched out from his egg. Feeling starved, he started to chew up everything he could see: his egg shell first, then a leaf, then more leaves. As he munched on the plants, he chanted happily,
“What an eating machine am I –
I will become a butterfly!”

One morning, when the caterpillar was feeding on a juicy leaf, a line of ants crawled past it. “Hey! Don’t you see that I’m eating this leaf? Stop disturbing me!” said the caterpillar impatiently. “I’m sorry. This is the usual way we get back home,” apologized the ants. “I don’t care! When I have had enough and become a butterfly, I will always fly in the sky and watch you – all-life teeny crawlers!” came the caterpillar’s rude reply.

Later that night it became very stormy. Many plants were flattened by the heavy rain, and many stems were wrecked by the strong wind. The caterpillar was trying hard to retain his little life by clutching onto a broken stem. But it was no use. The caterpillar knew he would fall any second. Suddenly, he heard a shout, “Caterpillar, come here now! My brothers have formed an ant bridge for you to cross. Crawl on us then find the way to the ground.” It was the line of ants coming to save the caterpillar. Resting on the ground and panting heavily, he apologized to the ants for his arrogant attitude in the morning.

One must never look down on others because of their status or the things they own.
Kindness is important.

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