A Chocolate Catastrophe

A Chocolate Catastrophe

Tina is going out on a school trip and gets to spend some time with her crush Martin, who she adores. However things go horribly wrong for Mrs Frances the teacher in charge of the school trip. Will Tina's love interest improve and how will Mrs Frances cope with the school trip?


Coming-of-age / Young adult fiction


M H Gooch (United Kingdom)

Tina was excited to be going out on the school trip this week. They were all going out to the chocolate factory to find out how chocolate was made. Tina was very interested not only because she wanted to see the chocolate being made and not only because she would be able to get her hands on some of the free chocolate but also because Martin was going to be on the school trip. Martin was one of the most handsome boys Tina knew and Tina was hoping that she might be able to share a chocolate bar or some quality time with Martin. Martin wasn’t particularly the brightest of kids so it would be easy to persuade him to share a chocolate bar.
Tina had woken up early and was quickly dressed and already walking up to where the coach should be. Maybe Martin would already be there and waiting too? She couldn’t wait to see him.
The coach had already pulled up and Martin still hadn’t arrived. Tina felt a bit cheated, the trip would be boring without Martin, still there was always chocolate to be had. The coach was just about to leave when a figure came running waving hysterically trying to make it to the coach before it left. Martin. No, he really wasn’t one of the brightest of sparks Tina noted. At least he had made it now thought Tina relieved and they were all ready to go and see the chocolate factory.
The coach finally stopped at the chocolate factory, from what Tina could see the building was huge. Billows of steam escaping from chimneys and a long stream of lorries leaving the enterprise shipping chocolate out to goodness knows where. Tina got out of the coach and tried to prepare herself for what was to come.
From what Tina could see the inside of the building was a huge operation, with people rushing this way and that. Machines thrummed back and forth on their never-ending quest to make more and more chocolate. It was a right spectacle. Tina tried to ask Martin what he thought of the place but all she got was a simple grunt in response. Clearly Martin wasn’t the most sociable of individuals either. Maybe Martin’s attitude would change when there was some chocolate to eat. Currently there was more than enough chocolate to see and Tina was getting a bit bored with it all. Tina hoped this might change soon.
When they finally reached the epicentre of the chocolate factory, they found a person dressed up in a dog’s costume. He was running about and had a bag full of chocolates which he was offering round to individuals. Tina smiled and popped her hand into the bag aiming to grab as many chocolates as she could, but the dog started to growl as she reached for a third bar. Taking her spoils, she went over to Martin.
“I got you a chocolate bar,” she said hoping to make Martin happy.
“Oh, I got loads of chocolate bars,” Martin grunted, and pointed at the dog. “They’re giving them out over there.”
“Yes, but I’d like you to have mine.” Tina said carefully, unsure how Martin would react.
“Mmm… Thank you,” Martin mumbled realising that it would be stupid not to accept free chocolate and with that he disappeared. Tina’s eyes narrowed. Maybe Martin wasn’t the best person to be talking to after all.
When the day was finally over, Tina was just sick of chocolate. Tina was sick of Martin too. Tina was happy to be going home. Tina just hoped that she wouldn’t have to sit next to Martin on the coach. When the class was all ready to board the coach, Tina was just about to go up the stairs to the coach when she heard a few words from behind her.
“I do hope that they have a toilet on the coach,” it was Martin. Tina smiled gleefully, here was her chance she had to seize it quickly.
“No. They don’t have toilets on coaches, stupid. I think there’s still time now though you should go and find one quick before we leave. It’s a long way home.” Tina said craftily. Martin ran off as fast as he could.
“Are we all ready to go?” asked Mrs Frances from the front of the coach, not realising that Martin wasn’t on board.
“Yes,” called out Tina quickly. And with that the coach left.
Two hours later and the coach was back at school and Anne sat at her office desk looing disgruntled. Mrs Frances had been called into Anne’s office and was been queried on the lost child.
“And where is Martin Bates?” Anne asked cautiously, not really knowing how to proceed.
“Martin Who?” came the reply. No, Anne realised that she should never have left Mrs Frances in charge of this school trip. She thought it would have been simple for her, but no something always went wrong. Anne wondered if she should have hired Mrs Frances in the first place at all.
“What I fail to understand is, how did you manage to lose a child when you only took out four pupils in the first place?” Anne groaned.

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