An incomplete story

An incomplete story

What made the father stand on a podium everyone fears to, is a story how a father sacrifices himself for his daughter.


Flash fiction


Jatishmor (India)

As the handcuffs were replaced by the rope, the janitor asked the prisoner to come to the gallows right now, as he was convicted of a murder charge. Standing on the gallows with his hands and eyes tied with a black piece of cloth, the prisoner stood tall. Before pulling the lever, the hangman asked, “What can you see?” “Darkness, and a future.” “Make your last wish!” “Tell my daughter, I changed her plate where her food was poisoned by her mother. I never wanted her to see the devil inside her which tried to kill my angel. Tell her, yes! I killed her mother as She killed me already, long before the angel landed with her innocence – in the wedding night itself. Tell my daughter, her father committed sin and that, he was remorseful as he could not get the heavenly love of her soul and smile. Tell her, I am going on a break but I’ll come back once again– maybe as her daughter or her son, but I’ll surely come in her womb – to get what I pleaded but lost and ravaged – love. Tell her, I changed her plate, thus changing her life forever. Tell her, I made her incomplete.” And as the rope was tied around his neck, the basement was made open, and the hangman pulled the lever, with a heart being forcely closed. ©Anish Datta(জাতিস্মর) History department, semester 4 Scottish Church College, West Bengal. From India.

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