Revenge is Necessary and Very Sweet

Revenge is Necessary and Very Sweet

If you lost the love of your life - what would you do? A gruesome murder is the beginning leading to a trail of mysterious deaths. DCI Martin and his team are blocked at every turn by the powers that be. Will they find their culprit in time?


Crime / Suspense / Mystery / Thriller


westie roslyn (United Kingdom)

Chapter 1 - 31st December 2009

I tilt my umbrella forward in the windy rain to protect my makeup and dissuade any party goers from recognising me. Turning a corner into a quiet million-dollar street away from the drunken crowds I glance to my left swiftly taking in the house numbers displayed on the impressive security gates.
The black and gold railings pass by as I glance up at each building looking for an engraved plaque at the entrance to an extremely opulent mansion that I now know has been converted into five luxury apartments. Making sure the street is completely empty I press the buzzer for the penthouse dwelling – my penultimate adventure. After tonight I will nearly have completed my revenge.
“Hello?” The voice echoed over the empty street in an anticipatory whisper.
“Your ten o’clock appointment has arrived Sir – just as you requested.”
I return his whisper with a husky voice promising an evening of unadulterated pleasure. I could hear his breathe catch in his throat with suppressed excitement as he pressed the entry buzzer. I smile at the way his voice sounds. Little does he know just how much pleasure he was about to experience, after all, pleasure and pain are a match made in heaven – aren’t they?
The elevator is in keeping with the style and age of the building. I press the penthouse number and wait. And wait. I can hear muffled laughter above my head and then the grinding of the mechanism as it creaks down from the first floor. I move silently to the alcove just behind the elevator shaft and wait for the occupants to emerge and begin their evenings revelries. Laughing and joking they spill out - already having had several drinks - and stagger down the hallway towards the front door. The coast is clear. I quickly step forward and drag the metal concertina door across. The loud clunk seems to echo around me. I press the button marked ‘Penthouse’ and tap my foot impatiently as the noisy grind of the old system lifts me up – very slowly. I don’t waste my time during the ride. I go over my plan and repeat it time and time again so I don’t make any mistakes. I cannot afford to make any mistakes at this stage.

Running, running, running from the carnage I’ve just inflicted on another human being – although I consider him less than human. My feet are flying across the pavements, almost lifting off the ground with the release of all that pent up angst that has been my companion for the last few years. My heart is thumping in my chest. It feels alive again and ready to fulfil the promise I made to myself all those years go.
What will I do now? What purpose is left in my life?
No husband.
No children.
No future.
No life.

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