Amaryllis, a love-struck maiden who longed for the handsome but cold-hearted Alteo. Desperate to win his love, she pierced her heart with a golden arrow and then visited his cottage daily, shedding drops of blood along the way


Romance / Women's fiction


Dhikra (Australia)

By the time the tarps on the windows have been taken down, Amaryllis Bakery’s exterior has been painted a lovely turquoise, its windowsills a stark white. Its sign is raw wood with light red and pink accents, highlighting the flower theme. It was a quaint little cafe, a quiet get away from the busy streets in the centre of Beacon Hills. It was a peaceful place to be ; with faded blue walls, tables and chairs that were painted white but sanded down to look aged. Small pots full of draping green plants, flowering bunches of lavender and lilies of the valley decorated the tables and the benches along the window. There was a counter that stretched across one side of the room with cakes, cookies and all sorts of sweets set up on display and on the far end of it was a half wall that looked into the kitchen, allowing patrons to watch as cupcakes were baked and decorated. At one of the tables sat Faith with her usual set up : a laptop, a notebook full of neatly written notes, a well-used pen, and a mug of tea . Her pale aventurine [ i love to describe colors with a reference to a rock color , and this aventurine rock is very beautiful and light green ] eyes watched from behind the thick black frames of her glasses , as she continued to write down some of the check-lists she had been assigned this week. She sat back in her seat and dragged her hands down her face, letting out an overdramatic sigh , reached out for her coffee just as the empty cup was pulled out of her reach and a new one set down in its place. She peered through the gaps in her other hand, looking up at the man who set the coffee down. He was tall and lean, his slender fingers grasping the empty coffee cup as he smiled down at her . His chocolate brown eyes glimmered with flakes of gold as they caught the light, making faith ’s chest swell in comfort as she smiled back forgetting a bit about the anxiety of what she has to say to the clients in the next hour . “I figured it was time for a refill,” the young man said. “Thank you gentleman ” , faith replied. “Could I trouble you for something to eat?” “Sure, what do you feel like?” the youngset asked, setting the empty coffee mug down on the table and pulling a pen from the pocket of the apron strapped around his waist . Every now and then she’d glance up from her laptop and into the kitchen beyond the half-wall, finding it easier to focus when she distracted herself by watching the servant decorate the lavish cakes in the kitchen, using piping bags to cover them in roses or spreading icing out on trays to cool them into shapes and fit them on top of the cakes; there was something about the way the young man moved , the way his slender fingers manipulated the tools he used to make the finest creations , that was all so calming, so intriguing, and so breathtaking. Faith breathed in the october cold air, sighing a little smile as she looked at the people walking on the street. Kids, parents, teens running to school, adults walking to their job, stressed and looking at their watches . She was always curious about how life would be seen from another pair of eyes. " Aren't you curious about how life would be seen from another pair of eyes ? " a soft question echoed in her mind then her ears till she found out it was no longer a voice in her head but a query directed to her , she looked up and found the man with the slender fingers already facing her , hands already clean and a brighter smile than the one he wore when working on his cakes . " is this a rhetorical question sir ? " she leaned in to grab her laptop and close it " no it is not " he stops for a minute then continues , " no it is not in fact i might be in a desperate need for an answer since i like the way you were observing people through the glass " " Is this a short term therapy ? " she smirks " For the price of a coffee" he declares in all seriousness but it was clearly meant to be a joke , hands trailing again all over her face , the numbness that was there when he first talked to her slowly faded and got replaced by some courage to speak her pretty mind as she always loves to describe it : " people are kind " faith starts , " and human kindness is moving after all the hurt and trials , they reach out with velvet hands to carress a small dog , their voices hightened to make it wag its tail " " they smile back brightly , the child in each of them still thriving as they look out to the world in curiosity and wonder " he interrupts . Flustered , faith hesitated to continue talking as if she felt what he said was clearly about her but she decided to ignore the feeling and continue when he nodded at her as if " please do not hesitate " . " They open up their hearts so easily , so willingly , as if family means much more than what it says on the tin " " Such small things really make you wonder how we could create war , when there's beauty in our core " he replies in a quiet steady voice indicating that this was his final take on this tête- à - tête . Faith is shook to the core that this man just said there is a beauty in , she felt a bit weak and exposed but it doesn't happen to be like this all the time so she allows herself to experience numbness just for tonight . " What caught your attention the most about this café ? " "Its sign " " and what about it ? " " the name is different , amaryllis " she mused "Do you know what does it mean ! " he exclaims in eagerness "Ofcourse i do i am so interested in flowers and botany , i always read about them and include their mythologies in my writings " is what she intended to respond , but this man is still a stranger and faith's habit to expose a lot of details about her personality ended since she met sorren , hence she didn't feel the urge to tell anyone that much of details about her but him , therefore she acts as if she was confused " no, i do not in fact can you enlighten ? " " weird " " what is weird sir ? " " if you didn't know the meaning behind it , it wouldn't have caught your attention " he gently teases . " i understand where you come from but i really have no idea excuse me " she objects , trying her best to stay collected and behave professionally . " Okay then search for it and enlighten me the next time we meet , i love when people tell me fun facts i'm already aware of , i pretend i have retrograde amnesia and try to revise as if i had just known about them " " that's a cool habit sir but i don't think we'll meet again i'm just here for a short time visit " " here is my work card then " he takes out a card out of nowhere and puts it on the table , their table . " is it mandatory to accept it ? " faith laughs to distract her awkwardness , " we have a delivery service in case you or your family need something so yes it is mandatory miss " , he giggles . " Okay i'll make sure to let you know when we need some of your service . Thank you for everything today , i need to go for now i might be a bit late on meeting some " " Sure , we're happy that you loved our café , amaryllis is always welcome to people like you and we in fact do not have a lot of clients nowadays ", " it is clear since i'm the only one here for an hour and half and you got bored that you had to come and talk wisdom to me " they both laugh this time , ear to ear , real smiles and pure emotions , this was not just a different morning , faith thinks to herself , this is a whole new and different day but it's no time to study long yet study wrong .

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