Animals fighting for their own rights from humans who are living as owners of earth


Fantasy / Sci-fi


Tharak Maddala (Australia)

Think It is true that humans are developing their lifestyle day by day.There were no courts,parks,houses, building, offices, government during cave man time.But there was a drastic change from that time.Now in 21st century we have everything for our comforts..we have cars,air conditioners,large buildings, everything automated,also we have courts to fight for justice. Everyone is responding to any type of injustice happening to them.Everyone is talking about equality, discrimination and so on.They are getting angry whenever something bad happens.But what about animals.Do You Think Animals will Stay Like How cave man lived Thousand Years ago?What if they become like humans,intelligent enough to talk for their justice, equality and their rights? What happens to the man at that time?How will they live along with all animals?Will they accept the animals to live along with them or will they fight against them for the dominance? CHAPTER-1 Revolution It was evening, weather was looking pleasant with black clouds all around,cold air touching the bodies of all animals that gathered to talk over human problems under 1000 years old banyan tree.Humans are all resting in their houses as it seems rainy. All animals are talking in herato language developed by animals themselves and everyother animal is learning it slowly.The head of them is a horse named alonso with a ,which started talking about how humans are creating problems to them, environment and behaving like a owners of earth. Alonso stated “why should we work for humans?why should we live like low lifes,and as a slaves all the time..we have intelligence,we are more stronger than humans,we are hardworkers,but why cant we get our own rights to live happily like them,we are not any less than humans living out there,and why are they killing us like that as their wish,Where will we get justice?Is it wrong to being born as animals other than them? should we remain silent when they are not giving any respect to us, destroying and exploiting us?“ Then a edin named rabbit responded,”Alonso,are you drunk or what?How can we stand against them?,They are much more intelligent than us,they have guns, nuclear weapons,latest technologies to kill us in seconds,How can we stand against them?“ Edins wife interfered and asked “why can't we?,have you never listened the stories of our ancestors about how those humans started their lifestyle,they used to live same like us with out anything they have now..but they changed their lifestyle on their own and are living like sole owners of earth.then why can't we do that and give ourselves a good life?” Alonso praised the mrs.edin for her brave words and told edin to learn from his wife.Edin got irritated and left A group of pigs entered the meeting area.Alonso cried “How can we achieve our goal when we are not even interested in getting our freedom?” The head of the pigs denim slowly said “Apologies for our behaviour alonso,we are stuck with animal vehicle trying to kill our species we tried hard to save our lives and unfortunately lost our dear friend erat in we completed his ceremony and came here” A donkey named dego asked denim,”what the hell?,why they are trying to kill you?what happened?“ Denim cried “our only mistake is being born as a pig .we got slaughtered for meat till now,but a week back humans announced that we are the reason for many diseases spreading among they are trying to remove us completely from the earth,we are getting murdered everyday in thousands all around, leaving our family members in great grief” dego replied “these humans are getting more and more pathetic everyday,and these creatures praise themselves about humanity and their greatnes,They don't even care about our live.when one of the member dies in their family,they cries for them,they pray for them,they feel like they lost their life.We also have families like them,still they won't understand how they are causing same pain to us” Alonso is thinking about erat and questioned “are you saying about kid of mr.otto and mrs.otto?he died?“ Denim replied “yes alonso,mr.otto and mrs.otto are completely heart broken now..mrs.otto's situation is much worse,she was devastated by loss of her one and only child,erat was everything to her and she can't even see her kid for last time.Those humans carried the body of erat with them,they don't even want our dead bodies on this earth and cremating dear bodies in a junkyard” Alonso replied “It is very unfortunate and painful for any mother and father to loose their kid and it is completely devestating that they can never see their kid,talk to him,play with him, feed him and see him grow from now..there is nothing painful than this” All the animals are completely sad after listening about erat and his family and started whispering about the cruelty of human and every animal is angry about how humans are treating other life on earth.But what alonso thinking is different,he started thinking how dedicated,united and selfish these humans are in saving their lives.alonso is thinking how difficult it will be to get their rights from humans. It started raining heavily now..all the animals started running to their shelters..alonso along with them went

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