Peter James reviews The Pen Factor's top emerging writer

The Pen Factor is delighted to welcome international best-selling writer of crime fiction Peter James as its guest author. Peter has written 26 novels, including the highly acclaimed Roy Grace crime thriller series, which have been translated into 36 languages and which have sold millions of copies worldwide.  

We are honoured to have received a spectacular review of our best emerging writer's work from Peter James.
 The community's best-loved story is The Rock Fortress by Ryan Glasgo. Ryan was one of six outstanding finalists shorlisted by readers for review by the judging panel.  


‘What talent this Ryan has - I was really, genuinely blown away. It was a treat to read it.’ — Peter James


You can read The Rock Fortress by Ryan Glasgo here.


'Thanks for all the support, the contest was a fantastic and rewarding experience for me! Really nice of the team to come over to Oxford. Such a pleasure.' — Ryan Glasgo